Why does my volume get stay low?


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Not much volume... Volume... VOLUME!

Actually, the problem is NOT MUCH VOLUME. I had an S4 until I traded it for a Droid Turbo and the problem is the same for both - neither one gets loud at all. Both my stepson's Droid... Something and my wife's Droid... Something, which are both older phones, blast the S4 and the Turbo out of the water when it comes to playing music and video. (Sorry, can't recall the models.) I really can't believe how much louder they get than either of my two most recent phones. I seem to recall that low volume was a known issue with the S4; but the Turbo as well?

I've tried some volume booster and EQ apps but they don't seem to help.

Is this also a known problem with the Turbo? Yes, I call it a problem.

Are there any vol booster apps that work?

Running 4.4.4, SU2-12.



Nov 6, 2013
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Re: Not much volume... Volume... VOLUME!

Have you tried adjusting the main volume in the phone? The sliders might have come standard with volume turned down. Also, when playing music you'll get an annoying message that you can never turn off telling you that listening to music at loud volumes is harmful. That might be your issue as well.

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