Why Does the Samsung Music App Start Randomly and Turn Down Volume?


AC Question

I have tried a hard reset, and even gotten a replacement phone, and the stupid Music app keeps coming on by itself a few times every day. To make it worse, it turns the Media volume all the way down, so I don't know when it's happened until I press the power switch and see it on the initial screen.

But the worst part is that it also turns my Ringtone (and maybe System) all the way down so I cannot get any call.

The Music app cannot be deleted. I just checked the Music Settings and switched it from Play on Device to Play via Bluetooth.

Anybody know how to fix this, ideally without rooting?

I just tried calling AT&T tech support again and they can't even find me in their system by my phone number. I found a bill and gave then the account number, but all my answers to the security questions were wrong. Obviously, a separate issue.

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