Why has my calendar stopped syncing?


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Since yesterday (11/03/2015) any events input to my calendar on my phone (Galaxy S+ Android 2.3.3) is rejected and deleted when the phone calendar tries to update to Google calendar. Same fault on two phones. Updates work OK the other way (Google to Phone). I can still store events on the local calendar, just not on the linked one. Has worked fine for years until yesterday, not made any changes to phone. Tried all the steps in online trouble shooter, except upgrading to latest Google calendar, which is 'incompatible with my device". What has Google done ?
Mar 20, 2015
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I was wondering is there anyway we can apply a bit of pressure on Google to try and resolve remaining problems with Calander noy syncing ?

Sorry if this is silly question, I'm a newbie, but happy to keep emailing and phoning someone, if I thought it might get them to sort this problem out as it's very frustrating.

Many thanks.