Why has my Nexus 5 performance gone down after the Android 5 upgrade?


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Dec 4, 2014
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Nexus 5 performance drains after android 5 upgrade

I bought new Nexus5 with android kitkat. it was working smooth till I upgraded it to lollipop. After upgrading I am facing many issues. First of all, Battery drains very fast. Second, playing games like clash of clans, real racing3, asphalt etc, after the upgrade made my life hell, many times it stuck in between and closes automatically. Third, there is hell of a network problem, in every 15 mins or so it loses network and the worst part is screen lags when switching between multiple apps or from apps home to main home screen. Android 5 really made my new phone look like the oldest phone I am using. last but not the least, CPU usage is at the worst after this upgrade. It made nexus 5 work like the first android phones with lowest performance ever possible.

Android 5 developer please do something to check these issues and tell me how to solve these issues.


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Jun 10, 2013
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Re: Nexus 5 performance drains after android 5 upgrade

For me factory reset was what did the trick.

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