Why have my Android devices stopped connecting to wifi?


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Dec 2, 2014
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Android devices stopped connecting to wifi

Hi all

This is my first post here so please bear with me. I have a strange problem with my android devices. I don't live with my children but last week my eldest daughter came to my parents house where I'm staying and her Tesco Hudl wouldn't connect to the BT Wifi in the house. I thought nothing of this and then went out. Later on that day I took my daughters home to their house to babysit them and I took my Sony xperia Z1 tablet with me, this wouldn't connect to their BT wifi at their house but her Hudl was working fine. When I went home that evening my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone failed to connect at my parents house just as my daughter's Hudl did earlier in the day. My Sony tablet connected fine at my parents. Later on that evening my Samsung phone started working again with no interaction from myself.
The next day my daughter brought her tablet to my parents again and it didn't connect, it has also stopped connecting at her house now as well. My tablet still doesn't connect at their house but works fine at my parents. Both houses have various devices connected to the wifi including tablets, phones & PCs. There has never been an issue before.

I have tried:

Rebooting all devices
Resetting the router
Unplugging the router and rebooting
Changed the channel settings within the router setup
Turned on and off of flight safe mode
Manually connecting using a static i.p

Nothing works, it's funny that within a day some devices stopped working at both houses, nothing has changed our end at all.

Connected at each house is the following

Parents house - 1 x laptop/1 x pc/ 2 x tablets/ 2 x phones

Daughter's house - 3 x tablets/1 x pc/1 x phone

I was wondering if there could be an issue at the phone exchange, they are always working up there, but when you call the BT call centre in India all they do is do a line test and tell you everything is fine, it drives me insane.
Is there anything in the router settings that could be causing this? It's bizarre how my tablet connects at home but not at my daughters, and also how her tablet has stopped connecting at both houses, and how my phone stopped working at my parents but came on hours later.

Any ideas please? Thank you so much in advance.



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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Android devices stopped connecting to wifi

Welcome to Android Central! It may be that the router's DHCP range is configured to only support a limited number of devices at a time. See if you can log into the router's settings from a computer browser (see the router's manual to learn how). Once in the settings, find the DHCP range. It ought to be something like " to" This would mean there are 255 potential IP addresses that the network could support. But if the range is more like " to", that would mean there are only 5 IP addresses that can be supported, and so if all spots are taken up by connected devices, then someone else may not be able to to do so. Or there might be IP address conflicts, where two devices get assigned the same IP address, due to the limited number of addresses.

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