Why is audio playback inconsistent?

Jophes Jones

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Jun 29, 2018
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The problem occured around when devices updated to Kit Kat. When I play a song downloaded on my sd card/device, no matter what app it is being played in, the music will get quiet, sometimes for minutes, then return to normal. The volume setting does not change, and the problem occurs even if I'm not using any apps. I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S8+ hoping to avoid this problem but it persists. Device speaker, headphones, and bluetooth, nothing makes a difference. I've used VLC, Google Music, Pulsar+, and other random music players. I am quite familiar with the hardware and software used by Android devices, especially the Galaxy S and Note series, and I've yet to find a cause or solution to the problem. I hope I explained the problem properly. If anyone can help, please do and if you can't understand my question, please ask. I am getting desperate, I enjoy solving my own problems and don't enoy asking for tech help but this is too much. I am a musician, so naturally listening to music is very important to me.

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