Why is Google blocking my email connection to Linked In Forum threads?

Julia Matcham

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Oct 29, 2013
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Google is blocking my email connection to Linked In Forum threads.

I receive email alerts on my tablet (Nexus 7, 2nd gen) from the Linked In Forum. I used to have no problem clicking on the link in email and getting to the thread. NOW I have an undeletable Google page coming up that has apparently the objective of forcing me to get the Linked In Ap (which I did despite not needing it) but the intrusive page still appears every time blocking my access to Linked In Forum.
It says at the top of the intrusive page 'Sharing your story got simpler' etc then get it on Google Play ...then 'continue to the mobile site'. (Picture of Mobile not tablet!)
If I continue to the mobile site THEN I get to my LinkedIn thread...but not any way up to date. It is as if Google has blocked my access.
Anyone any idea what is going on? Why is Google bullying me?
I have turned the power off and then on to check. No difference.
I also seem to be being forced to use Gmail...which I don't want to. Gmail has all my recent emails when I do NOT use a Gmail address anywhere (I only have it because Google made me!)
Grateful for any advice.

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