Why is my Android System using 50-65 of battery life?

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Dec 8, 2014
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Android System using 50-65% of Battery Life

Hello, so im new at Android Central, and therefore i dont know how or where i should adress this question but i think it is in the right place, and that is that my battery usage in my new Note 4 (SM-910F) which i believe is concerning (currently at 64.9%) which makes it only last for half-day without proper savings. I already reformated the device and im using nova launcher, but aside from that every app uses only between 4-6% of battery. Should i switch this one for a new one or is it a software problem? A quick answer would be great.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Android System using 50-65% of Battery Life

1) Seeing 64.9% usage doesn't mean 64.9% of the battery power, it means 64.9% of the amount of power being used. Adding up all the numbers should always come close to 100% - which means that 100% of the power being used is being used. That could be 10% of the battery power.

2) On a new phone, Android System (and Android OS usually) will be the largest power consumers for anywhere from a day or two to a week, as the system "settles in".

3) Let the phone run until th phone tlls you to charge it. Then turn it off and fully charge it. Turn it on again and use it. Do this 3 times - fully charge, use until told to charge. That conditions the battery.

4) If after a week you get only 4 or 5 hours without using the phone before the battery is dead, ask for an exchange. As for how long a charge will last, it depends on what you're doing. Watching videos at full screen brightness uses a LOT more power than waiting for email to come in with the screen dark. (I've gotten 4 days on my phone without using it at all. I usually get about 1 day.)

5) For maximum battery life, never let the battery get below 40% - recharge it at that point. If you need more power than that, buy a spare battery and an out-of-the-phone charger - the pair is about $20. Switch batteries when the one in the phone is at about 40%. (Condition the new one first - fully charge first, then use.)

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