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Why is my battery draining so fast after a batch of updates?

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I have a Moto X Pure Running android 7.0. I'm using it in Korea on KT.
2 nights ago i did a batch of updates overnight. Sunday, I noticed my battery draining fast and my phone is hot. Its also super lagging. Today, Monday, I've been trying to figure out why, what, how, etc. and I'm coming up empty. Its draining so fast, I put it in airplane mode and screen off and it lost 5% in 6 minutes! I've cleared the cache. I've restarted it multiple times. I tried downloading a Malware program (which took all morning to install) and it didn't find anything. I've tried uninstalling some programs that I didn't need. I even uninstalled updates on the Google Play Store itself. My only clue is the FIRST time I looked at what was draining the battery I thought I saw the OS taking up 40% or so, but I didn't take a screen shot and it hasn't appeared since, and so I can't 100% say that is what I saw, and i might have seen another big percentage. Nothing is appearing now for what is eating up my battery and making the phone hot and slow. Help!