Why is my Bluetooth phone call volume slider greyed out and locked when connected to my car stereo?

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How can I separately adjust my bluetooth phone call volume on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ phone independently from my car stereo? When connected to my car stereo and a phone call comes in, a seperate phone call volume slider pops up in the volume drop box menu, the bluetooth phone call's volume automatically goes to 50% volume on the phone itself, and the slider is greyed/locked out from adjustment. Therefore you can't slide the volume up past the blue area into the orange higher volume area.

I have my car stereo (Aftermarket Pioneer, with subwoofers and amplifier) cranked up to the max but can still barely hear the person on the call. And NO it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Absolute volume, because that is already disabled and there is no problem with Music or video playback. Music and videos (Media) play very loud through my system, and I have full control of the volume slider on my phone independently of the stereo's volume controls. This solely happens with bluetooth phone calls ONLY. This seems to be a common problem that everyone wants to insist turning off Absolute Volume fixes, and it doesn't.