Why is my Galaxy S5 Mini camera so slow?


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Galaxy S5 Mini Slow Camera

Camera takes several seconds after clicking to actually take a picture. I have seen a lot of solutions for the S5 (turning off the stabilization function in camera settings), but I do not have that function in the settings on my S5 Mini. It is so slow that the camera is pretty useless, since pictures are all crap after waiting literally secondS, missing the moment, and turn out crappy quality, too.


Side question -- Honestly, there is a long lag time for all things on this phone. Takes a couple seconds to respond after swiping the phone open or clicking on anything, like just to see a text. I don't do much on my phone (mostly text and twitter). Seems worse than when I got it, but I can't find anything that is taking up a lot of memory/resources to be bogging it down. I don't have much in storage, either.



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Oct 14, 2015
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Re: Galaxy S5 Mini Slow Camera

Have you tried clearing the camera app cache?

Try wiping cache partition. You can find a guide here on the forums.

If problem still there, i recommend you to do a full factory reset.

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