Why is my LG G2 dialing random numbers on its own?


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why is my lg g2 dailing random numbers on its own?

Four days ago i had got a message from random number stating that i have won a cash prize of 1000000 GBP and i tried calling to that number but it was out of service. Yesterday morning i noticed that my lg g2 was hacked and it was dailing the numbers on its own which belong to afghanistan and other arabic countries and my phone credits are deducting.. what should i do to stop all this issues.


Oct 8, 2012
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Re: why is my lg g2 dailing random numbers on its own?

I've never heard of something like this, but weirder things happen so.

If it was my phone, I would put it on airplane mode, save everything that needs saving and than a factory reset.

After the factory reset, I would install a virus scanner/antivirus software to check the phone before installing back all my apps.

After verifying all's good, I would install my apps but would hold on installing the apps I've installed close to the date the phone started acting weird.