Why is my screen not timing out according to settings while on certain webpages

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My phone is a Samsung S22 Ultra. Not sure if this is an Android issue or a Samsung one, but I have tried looking for an issue similar to mine numerous times on the web and have not found a similar problem that can provide me with a solution. If anyone know of a thread that can help me, please provide a link to it.

The problem: I frequently read prior to falling asleep. When I fall asleep while reading, my screen will not time out and shut off according to my settings when on certain websites. Otherwise, my phone would time out accordingly. This occur without the phone being plugged in to a charger. I have my screen time out setting to 2 minutes. I turned off the feature to keep screen on while looking at it.

I have narrowed it down to websites having video ads or ads (gif?) that are in motion.

Does anyone have had a problem like this and have been able to find the setting to fix this? I had my S8 screen ruined and had burnt on images due to games not allowing the screen to time out and really want to avoid this happening to my current S22 Ultra.

Thanks in advance for everyone's time in reading this.

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