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Multiple issues revolving around a single umbrella problem: The tablet won't let me type/do what I want.

1. Editing is a pain. Sometimes when I push space it saves the last letters I typed (mostly) and inserts it in the text cursor sometimes even replacing letters. So if I said "geitting somewhete" and then later I typed "memory" if I go back to fix my mistakes it would end up like "gememing somewmem" for two examples therefore its not explicitly letting me type what I want. I have no issues with forwards typing (non editing) but all hell breaks loose when I edit by moving the text cursor to edit. Backspace editing also works just changing cursor location.

I've disabled all the normal editing stuff and wonder if there's an overlooked/hidden options.

2. In contexts to lists/numbering I have this problem, it might not be tablet related but app option but it has happened multiple apps so any insight is helpful, for now android open office has highlighted issue.

instead of


I get 22.3 when I typed 3 after the line break.

Any help or insight is helpful.

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