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Why is Smart Switch not working on any platform?


AC Question

Hi all

I purchased a Samsung S5 yesterday after many years with Apple. I have been trying fro nearly 12 hours now to get my data over without any luck. Right when I press transfer Smart Switch will either stop working on my desktop (Windows 7 machine) or tell me it failed through the S5 app.

I can't think of anything I haven' tried - I've tried to transfer through iTunes, through iCloud, I've transferred my music manually first as I thought the volume might be bugging out the program, deleting and re-installing Smart Switch...you name it I'm pretty sure I've tried it.

I'm a little exasperated and can' find anything on the Internet so any help would be a godsend. Thanks in advance.

- iPhone 5 using iOS 8.02
- Samsung S5 with 64gB external memory
- Windows 7


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
If you can't manually transfer files to the S5, there's something wrong with the phone (assuming the PC sees the phone and you can open the phone's folder). I haven't found an Android phone yet that you couldn't just drag files to. (Make sure you're plugging into the computer, not a USB hub - many USB hubs don't work well with cellphones. And, of course, that you have the Samsung phone driver installed on the PC.)

If you're trying to copy directly from the iPhone to the Android, without copying from the iPhone to the PC, then from the PC to the Android, don't.

team whale

New member
Nov 8, 2014
I just got my new GS5 after 6 years of iphones. I'm having the exact same issue. I have been doing this all day!! I can't find anything helpful on the internet, except for how easy and great Smart Switch is supposed to be. I've done all imaginable... I may go on a posting rampage in hopes someone can help shed a light on this problem, bc worst of all, after every error message it just shuts down. No leads as to what the problem is. I tried doing an online chat with Samsung and that was utterly useless.. I was recommended to use Kies instead of Smart Switch, but Kies won't recognize the itunes back up files.

Here is to hoping this gets some answers!

Iphone 4s iOS 8, Windows 7, GS5