Why is the installed SD not detected?


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Jan 3, 2011
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Re: why is the installed SD not detected

the SD card may not be formatted properly for your phone to read. Make sure you properly unmount the SD card (you'll see how under "storage" in your phone's settings) and remove it from your phone. Copy any data you have on it to your computer so it's stored safely. Then using your computer, format the card (use NTFS - seems to cause the least issues for me). Once that's done, pop the card back into the phone. Go back to your storage settings, and using the phone, re-format the card. This way you can be sure the phone will see it and use it properly. Once that's done, copy all your data back to the SD card. It is a bit of a pain to go through these steps but it's actually easier then it sounds and will make sure your phone uses the card properly


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: why is the installed SD not detected

The phone can't read an NTFS filesystem nativelyk, it needs an app to do that. If the card is 32GB or smaller, format it as FAT32 (which it should be already). If it's 64GB or larger, format it as exFAT (and forgive my jealousy).

I suspect, however that either the card is defective or the card slot is. If the card works in a computer, it should be recognized by the phone, even if it can't be read. (If you got the card at what seems a very low price for the size and speed of the card, suspect that it's a defective, cleaned and reprinted dud. You can buy "factory refurbished" [not according to the factory, though] 64GB SanDisk Ultra cards for as little as $10 from some vendors. And they really do look like SanDisk cards - until you try to use them. Even the packaging looks authentic.)

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