Why isn't my Google Photo Backup working correctly?


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Google Photo Backup not working correctly

So I am trying to backup photos that are saved on an SD card, from my android tablet on Google Photos. Google Photos says that they are backed up (in assistant it says backup is up to date, and they have the small blue cloud symbol next to them in the device folder section). However there was no backup loading time (normally says 1/50 backing up for example) and they don't appear on google photos on other devices, my phone or my computer. Google photos worked fine to backup photos from another SD card yesterday, and backed up bluetooth photos from the same android tablet. I have cleared cache and cleared data in app settings on my general tablet settings, still not working. I have checked all backup settings and can't see any reason for it not to work, it is set to backup over wifi, which it is connected to, but I also changed it to back up over mobile network, turned my mobile network on, and still nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.