Why isn't the Moto Z updated out of the box?

matthew greenhalgh

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Mar 9, 2015
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Hello All,

The is part telling you about an awesome deal and part gripe.

I've been looking for a new phone to upgrade from my Moto X play over the last few weeks knowing I couldn't afford a flag ship it was going to be either Moto G5 Plus or maybe the upcoming Moto X? I did look at other manufacturers but had a bad experience with a Chinese phone earlier in the year so wanted to stick with what I knew. Anyway there are some incredible deals on the original Moto Z at the moment!! If anyone's after a bargain I'd definitely recommend having a browse on the Moto website I'm in the UK I'm sure there are similar deals elsewhere. I paid £299 and got a free style shell, I would have also got a free JBL mod but they'd ran out.

So there's the deal now for the gripe.

Why don't phone manufacturers sell phones already updated with the latest software released for that phone!!! I understand if you buy from a carrier they could have had it for a while in stock but directly from the manufacturer it should be up to date. I've just received my Moto Z and from what I can tell it came with the software it was originally released with and I'm currently going through the update process I've been at it for nearly three hours with all the other setups and about 5 software updates so far it's some task setting up a new phone.


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Apr 20, 2013
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Congratulations on your Moto Z :D

Enjoy it!

You may find that the Moto Z you got is part of old stock, that's why it has the older software and has to he updated. It may have been sitting for a very long time between when it was built to when you got it.

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