Why won't my phone book recognize number stored unless the area code is saved?

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I have an HTC Desire Eye and an HTC Desire 10 Pro i and they both give me issues with my phone book.

The call log would not show a caller's name unless I save my contact numbers with their area codes. The problem I have with this is if I dial a number with an area code I am billed as a long distance call.

This is the first time in years since owning several brands of phones have I encountered this issue. My last phone was a Blu and my contacts were saved without area codes. Calls coming in would show the contact name as well as the number. HTC does not allow this unless the code is saved.


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Aug 5, 2015
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Most (all?) contact apps use a simple matching to connect the incoming caller ID with the data in your phone book. The incoming data is the full 10-digit number including the area code. This will require your phone book to have all 10 digits for each contact.

Much of the USA is now in a pattern of 10-digit local calling due to overlapping area codes. If your carrier is having problems with 10-digit local calling, you need to talk to them. Which carrier are you using?

If you cannot resolve this with your carrier, you should be able to store multiple phone numbers for each contact, one with and one without the area code.