Wi Fi Weirdness


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May 20, 2012
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T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 AND Acer Iconia A100 Tablet - both running standard ICS (not rooted). Both have been connecting to my home router just fine until today. Was there some sort of update to the Wi Fi?

Thought at first it was the internet cable modem so reset that. Unplugged and replugged the router. My netbook shows the wi fi signal is broadcasting at "Excellent strength" and connects easily. Checked the password, reentered; GS 2 searches, finds network, shows saved password but just keeps scanning - will not connect. Same with the Acer A100.

Went in to settings, told phone and tablet to "Forget" network and started over brand new - both devices showed POOR signal strength but netbook shows EXCELLENT! Turned devices off, and on three times each time re-initializing the devices with the wi fi, but still no connection. Drilled down into the advanced settings on GS 2 and changed the band search from auto to 2.4 GHz (my router's signal strength) and then the GS 2 connected! The Acer A100 doesn't offer such a band choice in its advanced settings, but after tapping advanced the tablet connected and shows signal strength as EXCELLENT!

What the heck? Happy to be reconnected, but frustrated because there seems to be no reason for the failure to connect in the first place!

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