WiFI static IP problem


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Sep 10, 2011
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Got my new Droid Bionic. One reason for a new phone is to use the WiFi and browser to access some internal test equipment we use at work which has peer-to-peer WiFi and web pages for setup, etc. This equipment doesnt have any security set, it is an open network set with a static IP address.

We currently can access this equipment using an iPAD but it isnt nearly as convenient as being able to use your phone.

I have set the Bionic to have WiFI on and use static IP, same IP address,net mask, gateway, etc. as on the iPAD. I set up the network name properly. When i try to connect, the Droid says "Obtaining IP address from..." Which of course it cannot do since the device isnt a DHCP server.

I cannot get the Droid to just connect without trying to get a DHCP address.
I suspect i am missing something, but what?

Any ideas what I need to do to make a static, peer-to-peer connection with no security?



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Nov 18, 2011
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AhHa: WiFI static IP problem

Yes it all comes to me clearly now. :eek:
Having same symptoms, for different reasons.
IE - swapped out Win2005 server for a QNAP NAS here at work. Then all turned to crap, no wireless service and when WAP was connected, it would draw down bandwidth to sub-dialup levels if you can believe that. Bot new WAP, similar disgusting "obtaining IP address from {SSID} and then just taking a dirt nap to hack me off. Repeat until totally disturbed.

The sitch is that the client device must have the "appropriate" static IP set up in its being. IE - there is no dynamic IP service providing an IP and therefor the client device wishing to connect must already have an appropriate IP.

So if I am reading this correctly, I just need to learn how to set up IP/Subnet configs. on my Droid Bionic.....:confused:

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