Wildcard blocking feature in S7 Edge

Oct 24, 2015
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I understand from the folks who make NoPhoneSpam that wildcard call blocking is native to the s7.

I've tried to use the feature to block calls spoofing my area code and prefix., but I keep getting them - as many as three a day.

My first mistake, I've learned from poking around various forums, is that I didn't enter the + sign on the first few efforts. I've gone back to try to do that. But what I enter, and what shows up on the list of blocked numbers, don't have the same format.

The first effort that didn't work:

123456****. Not how I entered it - I used hyphens - but the hyphens got dumped when I saved.

So I entered:

+1 123-456-****

It collapsed itself to


Meanwhile, successfully blocked numbers all look like this - spaces and hyphens intact:

+1 123-456-7891

Am I doing something wrong, or is there some other reason this native feature just isn't working?