Windows Phone convert need help with contact management


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Jan 10, 2017
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I was happy with WP contact management, but had to switch to Android for other reasons. Now I'm trying to shoehorn my Outlook accounts in and its a mess. I installed Outlook, but the phone app won't see my contacts and the Outlook app sucks at managing contacts (I cant edit or add new ones). I put in FullContact which looks good, but the phone won't see them either.
I'm considering resetting the phone and starting fresh in case I've screwed it up with installing and deleting so many apps. I just need help or advice about which apps to use. I wanted Outlook to keep things in the same app, but I don't care at this point and I'll use separate apps for contact, calendar, and email. I do still need to use Outlooks services.

PS Don't hate me, but I would go back to WP in a heartbeat if they had any decent phones (and a few more apps).


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Mar 22, 2016
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I tried the approach and had issues. I posted this on the forums.

The outlook app has one way sync, so you'll get your contacts from but you can't edit them. What I did (just yesterday) was to go to Settings-->Accounts & Sync. Chose add a new account. There was an account type of "" (which is different from the "Outlook" type). I added my account. Then, in the Android People app, for the "Phonebook" dropdown, I chose the account and my contacts show up there and I can edit them. I edited a contact, went to on my desktop and the change showed up.

This was on a T-Mobile HTC 10.

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