Windows Phone holdout now Flexing


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Feb 6, 2016
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Looks like I'll be spending less time on windowscentral and more time on androidcentral. Got my Flex 2 from the latest round of ebay deals. Was a little disturbed at the ATT bloat state this thing comes in. At least WP allows removal of ATT garbage, but this was obnoxious. Worse if you don't have an active ATT sim (I'm on cricket - no 5.1.1 for you).

So found instructions to flip over to 5.1.1 PR (Puerto Rico). Not something I was expecting to deal with 2 days into androidia, but random internet people instructions worked and my Flex 2 is nice. I still have my WP grumblings to deal with, but I'm on a later stage of grief than some.

For anyone else with a Flex 2 without ATT Sim, search around for PR instructions. Takes about 15 minutes and much better LG stock experience.