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Nov 17, 2009
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Ok so I'm looking at wired headsets for music listening and phone calls. It's not a must have seeing I'm not on the phone a lot or listening to music all the time - but I would often use them. I like to run the headphone wire down my shirt and let the earbuds just dangle when I'm not using them. I would use the headphones for prolonged periods of time once in a while: running, working, etc. So I don't want the ear buds to constantly be working themselves loose. As for phone calls: noise cancellation would be great, a good mic is a must. I don't like when it rubs against my shirt and the other person hears that.

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset - Bose Headsets and Headphones

These address all my needs/concerns, but they're really expensive. I've not had much luck find decent ear buds with the 'lanyard' (probably my favorite feature) AND a mic. I don't need bose quality sound and mic, but the placement of the mic is great and the lanyard makes it easy to wear without having them in my ears.

I'm not looking to spend more than $30 so I don't know if there's a product for me. But I was wondering what if anyone has found anything out there...?


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Jan 11, 2010
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I'd like to hear people's response to this as well. I recently purchased a pair of Body Glove Ear Buds with the optional ear loop and the mic. The ear piece comes with 3 custom fit gel type covers and the mic has a button that seems to activate mute. On the whole, I like them but will be returning them. The phone jack is set up with 2.5mm and a 3.5mm adapter. Using the adapter simply makes it too long and cumbersome to use.

Has anyone tried out the blackberry ear buds that are available in the store? Could you recommend one over the other?

I ran a search for this type of topic and couldn't find anything. Any advice would be great. Recently started using this site, but I'm quickly becoming a big fan. Thanks!

/PS I had pimped out my first post with links to the 3 products I mentioned, but was shot down due to being new. :mad:


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Nov 3, 2009
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The BB ones seem to work just fine.
After selling my Storm 1 and all of it's goodies, I didn't realize that I still had the head phones. They fit just perfectly and are great for a good work out.
And to top it off, mine were free. :)