Wish Galaxy S series would bring back heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter


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Apr 26, 2017
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Wasn't sure where to put this as it doesn't really fall into a specific galaxy S device, but with the s20 we saw the removal of the heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter. To me that is somethinf of a bummer because I used those quite a bit as part of health monitoring. I could use the heart rate sensor to find out exactly how fast(or in some cases slow) my heart was beating and relay that information to my doctor. I also used the pulse oximetry function to check my oxygen levels if I was feeling like I wasn't breathing well ans relay that information to the doctor as well.

I realize samsung sometimes has to remove certain things to accommodate for others, but i feel like being able to check your pulse and oxygen with the phone sensor was a good way to get a quick snapshot of how things were going based on how I felt at a particular time. And I checked both the heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter function against a stand alone pulse oximeter and the results were always pretty spot on. Usually within 1-2% on Oxygen saturation and within 2-3 beats on heart rate.

Now i understand we have smartwatches that have these functions, but that would require shelling out an additional $300 in addition to the phone. I hope samsung brings back the heart rate sensor in future devices.

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