Wrong Merchant in Android Pay Transaction History


Feb 11, 2017
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I recently made a purchase using Android Pay on my Nexus 6P at a DSW Shoe store in a fairly large shopping center. In transaction history on Android Pay app, the merchant was shown as the name of the mall, rather than the name of the merchant. The mall has well over 70 stores, so this is not at all helpful. Then last week I made a purchase at a different DSW Shoe store in a different shopping center and city. When I checked the transaction history on the Android Pay app, it showed the merchant as a completely different store located near DSW store. At first, I thought my card had been compromised, knowing I had not made a purchase from the listed merchant. After a few minutes, I recognized the amount and that the listed merchant was in the same shopping center. I called my credit card company and verified they had the correct merchant name. I don't know much about how NFC works, but how is it possible for a completely different store to be listed as the merchant on the Android Pay app? To me this is unacceptable for a financial services app dealing with credit cards. I posted feedback on the app, but so far no response from Google.


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Feb 16, 2017
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I had exactly the same situation this morning. I went into a chemist and bought some cough medicine for £4.19. The app bleeped as usual, and I assumed I'd been charged. Then when I got home I saw on my list of transactions that the cafe over the road (that I hadn't been into) had got the £4.19, and I'd got a refund of £4.19 from the chemist!

I phoned my bank, who denied that the restaurant transaction existed, and that I'd just got a credit and nothing else. I pointed out this meant the chemist had paid *me* for buying the medicine, and that surely wasn't correct? I phoned a different department of my bank, who told me the £4.19 was a debit, not a credit.

So my Android pay screen shows a £4.19 credit from the chemist, and a £4.19 debit for the cafe over the road - i.e. I haven't spent any money, but I have a free bottle of medicine. Bank person A claims I have just a £4.19 credit - i.e. I have money and medicine I'm not entitled to; Bank person B claims I have a debit only.

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