You can remove the bloatware from the Epic 4G Touch!


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May 25, 2010
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PhoneDog is showing that you can delete the "bloatware" from the Epic 4g Touch.
Samsung Epic 4G Touch Unboxing | PhoneDog

Bloatware is the pre-installed apps that can't be removed without breaking your waranty by rooting your phone. Bloatware steals memory and may be left running in the bacground.

Sprint announced that they will be allowing users to uninstall bloatware. True to their word, you can. See thes Phone Dog video showing them deleting the NASCAR app at 5:28.

Just tap Home > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications and tap whatever app then tap Unistall. Done!

Sprint and Samsung deserve pairse for this.

Unfortunately the press is incorrectly reporting that the Epic 4G Touch has bloatware that cannot be removed. We need a grass-roots response.

Please send en email to Ginny Mies about this mistake in her PCWorld review. She lists uninstallable apps as one of her only two "Cons"!

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Phone Review | PCWorld

Reviewers should nail every phone that comes out with bloatware on it. Bloatware is nothing but spam. But they should be just as quick to compliment a carrier that allows the crapware to be removed. Then it is no longer bloatware.

But they shouldn't yell at the one carrier who is doing the right thing.
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Aug 21, 2011
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yep Sprints been good about this. They'll let you remove quite a bit of the Sprint Bloatware

on my Photon the only three that couldn't be removed are Sprint ID, Sprint Mobile Wallet and Sprint Zone.


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Jul 30, 2011
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I reply on the other thread but I'll reply to this one too. There are bloatwares that cannot be uninstalled on the Photon so I would say it would hold true to the Epic 4g Touch too. They Photon only had about 6 or 7 bloatware and 3 or 4 cannot be uninstalled. I think you are jumping the gun here as you don't know how many bloatwares were installed on the Epic 4g Touch and how many can actually be removed.

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