How do I disable bloatware on an unrooted phone? Can I delete apps the previous owner installed?


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Mar 21, 2018
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My telephone is a Samsung Galaxy S4, running Android 4.4.4. Though this is about deleting or disabling applications in general.

And we are talking about telephones that are not rooted.

1: With apps that I installed or Suzy (the previous owner), installed can I actually * delete * these apps? As opposed to just disabling an app?

For example, with the Amazon app, which takes up 16.1 megabytes.

I touched: Settings, More, Application Manager, All, Amazon.

The 2 options at the top are: Force stop Turn off
Lower down, on the right, there is: Clear data

Clear cache

And there is also Clear defaults, but this one is grayed out, and it says: No defaults set.

There is no option to delete or uninstall this Amazon app!

With: ANT Hal Service, the only choice that is lit up is: Force stop. The other ones are grayed out.

1-A: How do I actually delete an app?

1-B: Does your method actually delete apps, as in they are totally gone? Instead of just disabling them.

1-C: Is there an uninstaller program, that is easy to use, that will delete apps with a telephone that is not rooted? I read about NoBloat Free, but it needs a rooted phone. The other uninstallers I saw on the Google Play store also need a rooted phone.

2: My other question is about bloatware, which are apps that Samsung, and other telephone makers, install on the phone when it is brand new.

With a phone that is not rooted, I learned that I can not delete bloatware, I can only disable bloatware.

2-A: Is it true that every single bloatware app can only be disabled, and not deleted, with an unrooted phone?

The articles I read were vague, and they seemed to say there is a special partition, and a bloatware application puts some files in the partition. So with an unrooted phone, you can delete the parts of the bloatware app that are outside the partition, but not the parts that are inside the partition.

Is this the case?

2-B: And how do I even disable a bloatware app?

For example, with Google Play Newsstand, the options are:

Force stop Uninstall updates
Turn off
Clear data
Clear cache

Thank you much for all your help, Anthony :)


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Jun 10, 2014
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Welcome. :)

Apps that have been downloaded and installed by the user can be removed by Clear Cache, Clear Data, Force Stop, Uninstall.
Preinstalled apps can only be Disabled on an unrooted phone.
On a rooted phone you can uninstall preinstalled apps.


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Jan 17, 2016
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Hmm, I got stuck at the "Suzy, the previous owner" part... Did Suzy not sign out of all her accounts and factory reset the phone?
If yes, all apps installed by her will be gone.
If not, she should have! Your device is recognised by the imei number by online services such as Google, and is associated with Suzy. This means she can technically access your stuff, and you hers in some circumstances...


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Mar 21, 2018
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Would you please list the steps for disabling an application on a phone that is not rooted?

My Galaxy S4 has Android 4.4.4. Are the steps for disabling bloatware apps and deleting other apps different for newer versions of Android?

Tim, of course, Suzy signed out of her accounts. Though I do not know which applications came with the phone and which ones Suzy may have installed.

Here are some of the programs on the home screen:

Amazon, BBC Media Player, ChatON, Flipboard, Hangouts, Knox, Lookout Security, Peel Remote, T-Mobile My Account, T-Mobile TV, Tap, Trip Advisor.

Thank you for your help.

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