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    Unbelievable, everything about my One has been near perfect for me since the release date.
    Yesterday I called a friend and he kept saying hello, anyone there....I called back and same thing.
    I called again but this time put it on speaker and he could hear me just fine, turned off speaker and nothing.
    I rebooted several times, etc. but no luck. Kept playing with it but finally gave up.
    Realized it was Labor Day and went into panic mode.....5:30pm, was my local Verizon store even open?
    Called and they said they were open until 6:00....mad dash.
    Got there just in time, the fella played with the phne for a while and also surmised that the mic (or programming since it worked on speaker) was done.
    Long story short, they replaced it. I asked before he started inputting the bar code, etc. If I could look over the replacement (explained that the first one I almost bought had a scratch on the screen and after looking at several realized that there were build issues). The original One I ended up with had the smallest gap just below the power button, nothing I couldn't live with considering that there were 5 others I looked at:
    1. Big gap on the top, you could put your fingernail in it.
    2. Screen was significantly higher on the top than the bottom....big ridge.
    3. Top was perfect but the bottom was off and there was a very sharp edge from the metal portion.
    4. Phone was absolutely perfect.....but....the power button was so recessed that you had to use your fingernail to activate.
    5. Don't remember what was wrong with the fifth one.

    He did not appear to happy about my request (go figure). My good fortune was that the one he brought out was for the most part perfect. There again is a hardly noticeable gap on the top right corner, nevertheless it is there.

    So keep your eyes (ears) on your mic and for those about to get a One.....LOOK IT OVER. Or if you have one looked it over again and know that you have a limited window to get it replaced no questions asked.

    ADDED: When I got the replacement it was at 60% battery, spent a lot of time setting it up and ran it down to 35%. Plugged it in and was fully charged in about an hour. Ran it down again to about 80%, plugged in overnight woke up to 100% at 5am....currently 8:36am and it is at 92% (did a little surfing and sent a coupe of emails). I was worried because the original had great battery characteristics....looks this one is the same, woo hoo!

    UPDATE: For kicks Googled HTC One Mic problem....Holy Crap!!! I really thought my issue was just a dumb luck, one off circumstance. Definitely keeping an eye on this.
    09-03-2013 10:26 AM
  2. Dreamliner330's Avatar
    UPDATE: For kicks Googled HTC One Mic problem....Holy Crap!!! I really thought my issue was just a dumb luck, one off circumstance. Definitely keeping an eye on this.
    Yeah, its a really common problem on the HTC One. It happened to a friend of mine last week. Interestingly enough, it happened on his old HTC EVO LTE too.

    Its one of the things that has me holding off buying the One. I still think its some sort of software issue, I mean, it works fine in speakerphone.
    09-03-2013 01:16 PM

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