1. tarnak's Avatar
    Well, we get new Iphone 5 work phones on Wednesday, so-long Blackberry's. I think I will still keep my rezound though as its my personal phone and I need to orgaize my photos by file, and I have lots of files (1.8 gigs of pictures right now). I have been told you can get Iphoto on the Iphone now, if it can organize photes in files like it does on the desktops, then I might consider dropping my rezound, if not, then I wont make any changes. Does anyone know anything about iphoto on the Iphone?
    01-07-2013 07:18 PM
  2. Jude526's Avatar
    I would go to the iPhone forum
    Good luck

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    01-07-2013 07:59 PM

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