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    So I am in a rural area and need to use a booster. I have Wilson AG Quint Pro which covers 700MHz LTE and while it boosts every other band (including AWS), I suspect it does not want to boost Verizon 4G LTE over AWS, only 700MHz. I have 3 Moto Bionics cyanogenmoded that get full LTE at 15Mbit (and interestingly one Bionic stock rom which after mid 2013 update, will NOT connect to 4G) but I also added 2 new phones - a Samsung S4 and a Moto MAXX HD, both of which show ZERO 4G LTE availability. Wilson tech support not helpful, keeps telling me its cables or antenna when I keep saying I have 3 phones that DO work! I noticed S4 and MAXX both have AWS LTE capabilities (supposed to use 700MHz also?) so I am going crazy trying to get 4G now. Does anyone have any idea to force it to use 700LTE only like my Bionic? Or any other ideas?

    Added - Also, I want to mention that the S4 4G LTE seems to work fine when I am in the city. I am really curious if newer Verizon updates / phones caused it to detect that there is a booster and not connect to 4G on purpose? Or if it really is simply that the S4 wants to only connect to the AWS band by default?
    02-18-2014 01:33 PM

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