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    So I am almost done making a theme for Go Launcher and I have a few questions. I am using the Theme Factory online creator Go Launcher has on there website. I can save it to their server and/or save it locally to my drive in a zip. First question! If I wanted to sell my theme on google play...is there a way to make an apk file out of the zipped files? And if there is...is it legal for me to sell it on my own? Or do I have to go through Go Launcher...Cause it says on their website if your theme is good enough, they could sell it...but I would like to sell my created themes myself. Also do the other Go items like keyboard and SMS have theme creators as well?

    Second question! Can I sell the icons in my theme in an icon pack on their own selling on Google Play on MY OWN account?? And have it compatible with a few launchers? Do I need to get permission from those launchers? Can I do the same thing with wallpapers?

    Third Question! For the other launchers, there is no "theme creator" utility I can use. With I have to get some sort of xml editor or Eclispe? I am familiar with web programming so I;m sure I can pick up on this stuff for what I need pretty fast..I just need to know the right direction
    11-12-2012 01:58 PM

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