1. DomestikPolka's Avatar
    Hello! I just switched from iPhone and I've been getting situated.

    The glaring problem I'm having is my home wallpaper keeps switching back to default. This usually happens whenever I've left my phone alone for a while, or I'm ABOUT to switch the wallpaper but I back out (I don't actually switch it I just preview it). It's really irritating to constantly switch my wallpaper back.

    Im on a Xiaomi MI 9, MIUI 10 on Android 9 Pie. My theme is set to a custom font theme (iOS 12 so I can have the iPhone emojis). I downloaded this off of MIUI Custom Font installer app. I have wallpaper carousel turned off so that isn't the issue. I'm also using Nova launcher, but I've trouble shooted between Nova and the default launcher by rebooting and either way my wallpaper still sets back to default.

    Thank you for any tips or suggestions!
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    05-11-2019 11:41 PM
  2. marshmary's Avatar
    Hi DomestikPolka! I'm having the exact same problem as you and I've been searching everywhere how to fix it and I found nothing. I'm using a redmi note 7, so I also have MIUI 10 and just like you I set my theme to IOS 12 emojis using MIUI custom font app. I'm also using Nova Launcher but I don't think that's part of the problem. What I thought was that in my old xiaomi I didn't have this problem and I think that's because I also used IOS emojis but instead of changing the theme I changed the font, the type of letter. For that, I downloaded the IOS emojis from the internet and in my phone I created a shortcut for changing the font using an app from the play store called quick shortcut maker.
    This method is a little bit harder than just changing the emojis on MIUI custom font but maybe that way the wallpaper doesn't change automatically. And I think the reason for that is associated with the theme, because we changed the default theme to an emojis theme instead of just changing the font, so I thought that maybe the emoji font glitches somehow and the wallpaper changes to the original theme wallpaper.. Anyways I'm not intirely sure of any of that and since it's already been a while since you commented that, can you please tell me if you managed to fix the problem? Since I'm having the same problem I would apreciatte it very much. Thank you for your attention!
    06-29-2019 07:04 AM
  3. LilMeowMeow uwu's Avatar
    I have been experiencing with these problems too, however, I found a "cure" for it....

    Go to your themes app, and go to 'my page' , choose "my themes" and tap into the one that you are currently using.

    Then you will see checked options, for example, "lock screen" and "system"

    Now, just uncheck home screen and lock screen and whatever you dont want to jump back to defaults again, your device may be asked to reboot, its fine,

    Then you're done, hope this helps
    02-19-2020 04:43 AM
  4. Adiya Raj Arakal's Avatar
    Hey there! I had this same exact issue before and I finally fixed it! What I did was, go to your themes app, go to fonts and search for 'iOS'. There you'll see a font called iOS v14 or something (I can't remember), download and apply it. This way my wallpaper issue got fixed and at the same time I have my iOS emojis.
    09-28-2021 05:27 AM

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