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    Default HTC One S vs Huawei Ascend P1 vs Samsung Galaxy S2

    I'm considering buying one of these three to upgrade from my HTC Desire S. I want something that is going to get a Jelly Bean update.

    Which of these phones do you think are best?

    And do you think Huawei will update the Ascend P1 to Jelly Bean any time soon?

    Sent from my HTC Desire S running Android 4.0.4
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    Default Re: HTC One S vs Huawei Ascend P1 vs Samsung Galaxy S2

    I don't think I'd ever buy a Huawei. Between HTC and Samsung, I like Samsung more.

    As for the specs of the One S and the S2, they are very similar. From what I could tell it looks like some version of the S2 come with a slightly bigger screen. And, some S2s seem to have a slightly slower processor than the One S, but, that could be older models, I don't really know.

    S2 is a year older than the One S, so, that's a plus for the One S in some way probably.

    Seems like a tight race between those two. Check out the specs, and, see if you notice any key differences that matter to you that I overlooked. If you don't, price could factor in. Are both free phones right now?

    Samsung Galaxy S II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    HTC One S - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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