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    Default Moto X. GMail and EMail - disable autofit?

    This is terrible feature, which actually for me looks more like critical usability bag. The gmail or email app tries to fit the message to the screen often makes the message unreadable, because the font becomes so small that you have to use magnifier to read it. Even if it is readable, it is still ugly - because each email message often has its own font size.

    Is there a way to fix this bug? Of cause I started using Touchdown instead of ootb email app, but still I have to use gmail.

    See attached screen shot to see what I mean.
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    Default Re: Moto X. GMail and EMail - disable autofit?

    Have you looked in the settings?

    Turn off Auto-Fit in all messages
    1. In the Gmail app, touch the Menu icon, then Settings.
    2. Select General settings.
    3. Uncheck Auto-fit messages.
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