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    Default Help I think my nexus 10 is havng major OS issues stuck at Android 4.2?

    Hi All,

    I am hoping you can help. My nexus 10 is not finding any update. It is currently running on Android 4.2, yet I see on the web that a roll out of Android 4.4.2 is suppose to be well underway. When I try to update android just tells me that it is up to date. What version of android should my Nexus 10 be on? I am in the UK by the way. Even if I should not yet be on Android 4.4.2 should I still be on Android 4.2 at the moment?

    I ask this because I am having problems with several apps wanting to update, but when I let them update through play store the new version of the app just crashes and I get a message like "unfortunately google play music has stopped" or whatever app is trying to run. This happens even if I am not running the app so that I get numerous pop-up errors for several apps. These errors then repeat every few minutes. You tube is also affected if I let it upgrade to what play thinks is the latest version. I tried talking to Google UK about this, but they just kept insisting that I should wait for an OTA update in the next few days (but I have a strong feeling that the tablet will never pick up the OTA as the OS installation seems to have been scrambled when a previous samsung authorised repair team re-installed the OS with something called ASOP_manta) , but the guy didn't know what version of Android I should be on!! So I was not inclined to trust his judgement, nor did he have any explaination as to why apps keep updating to a version that is incompatable with Android 4.2, he just told me "that is something for the app team to deal with". Frankly I am really dissappointed with the google UK support. This was all the more frustraiting as the Google US team guy I had spoken to earlier said I needed to RMA the tablet as faulty for a replacement with a new one. Sorry for the rant.
    Anyway does anyone know what version of android I should be on currently in the UK even if I haven't had the latest 4.4.2 roll out yet (which google told me has been heavily delayed).
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    Default Re: Help I think my nexus 10 is havng major OS issues stuck at Android 4.2?

    Yes, you should have Kit Kat by now in the UK. Manta is just a code name for the Nexus 10. It is possible something got whacked in the OS. I would suggest you back up what you need (movies, pictures, etc) and do a factory reset on your device. (Make sure it is fully charged.)
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