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    Question Where my .Pdf go on my Nexus 4??

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Nexus 4. I used bluetooh with photos that go to "Gallery"
    But now im sending a .pdf and i can open it, but i dont now whe is it?
    Can someone help me with this?
    and other question that i have is if i can organize my music like put it in a folder o it just go to the "my music"?
    Thank you so much.
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    Default Re: Where my .Pdf go on my Nexus 4??

    I would check your download file/app. Also I think you will have to send /share it from this file/app since you can not attach it from the email app unless you upload it to your Google drive account.

    As for music this is a bit more complicated. Since the Nexus4 is a Google phone I think your music is stored in the cloud. Some music is cached in a file on your phone while you are playing it. There are a few threads on this issue.
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    Default Re: Where my .Pdf go on my Nexus 4??

    If you don't have a file explorer installed, you should install one. Then you will be able to search for it. I would start with the downloads folder. In my downloads folder there is a subfolder for Adobe Reader that has all my PDFs. I'm not sure where they would get placed when using Bluetooth. I also transfered my music from my PC to my phone by placing them in a folder titled Music. Music players have no problem locating this music.

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    Default Re: Where my .Pdf go on my Nexus 4??

    Another good app is the Attachment (gmail attach) app. Gives you the function to attach almost anything right from the email app.

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