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    Default fresh 0.2 question (not about flashing it)

    I flashed Fresh 0.2 with no problem. Question is, is there a way to bring back the HTC bar at the bottom, you know with the ^ Phone + instead of Fresh's?

    I prefer the HTC one. Also can you mute the Sprint 4G boot song?
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    Default Re: fresh 0.2 question (not about flashing it)


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    I'm not sure about the bottom bar, you may be able to with either the full root, or by moving stuff in and out in recovery mode. I expect it is just an apk that is installed at the system level. I like the look of the espresso bar better, but I kinda miss the indicator on the stock one that tells you which screen you are on. In general I just don't like the Sense launcher too much. It's a hard trade off because HTC certainly cleans up some of the interface's rough edges with Sense, but it is also kinda too showy for me.

    As for the boot noise, it drives me nuts. I rebooted my phone in front of someone yesterday and the FRESH! was kinda embarrassing. Awesome ROM, and its kinda funny, but certainly don't want to hear it every time.

    I haven't looked into it much yet, but there are a couple of threads explaining how to change the boot splash/animation. The latest one I found was here:

    I think there was even one here. Looks like it isn't hard to do, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. In fact I think you can just delete the mp3 and it will just do the boot screen with no noise (which would be nice with the Sprint boot screen also.)
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    Ah nice tips on the boot up, thanks I'll look into that.

    Yeah I want the sense launcher back, if at all possible :-(

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