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    Question replaced microsd card but apps don't work

    I just got a new 16GB microSD card to replace the factory 8GB microSD card that came with the EVO. I put the 8GB and the 16GB into my laptop and copied everything from the old 8GB card to the new 16GB card. I put the new 16GB card in the EVO, booted it up... and all the apps that are installed on the SD card don't work. ("The linked program is no longer installed on your phone.")

    I searched and read some threads, and it appears that this was all I needed to do -- just copy the data from the old card to the new card.

    So... why didn't this work? What's the proper procedure for replacing the microSD card with a new card that still has all your data on it?


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    So... why didn't this work? What's the proper procedure for replacing the microSD card with a new card that still has all your data on it?
    (Something might have gone wrong)... I can't give an answer for this question... however, what I'm sure of is that all your paid installed app(s) are stored to your Gmail account and can be reinstall via "AppBrain or the Android market".

    Your best bet would have been to transfer all apps stored on the microSD card onto the phone, and then transfer them back to the new card.
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    Replaced mine a month ago. Same thing happened to me.

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    Try to format the new card in the EVO. I read somewhere a while back that formatting a card using the computer may not format it properly.
    I went from a 16GB to 32GB card with no problem.

    Took my 16GB card out, used a USB Card reader to copy its contents to my computer.
    Put the 32GB in my EVO (at the time EVO now using an EPIC and still card is working fine.). I used my EVO to format the 32GB Card.
    I then took the card out and used a USB Card reader to copy the contents of the 16GB card that i saved to the computer onto the 32GB card.
    Put it back into the EVO and had no problems.

    This not only allowed me to transfer everything, but it also gave me a back up of my files on my computer with the original 16GB card tucked away in a nice safe place.
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    Weird! Okay, well, at least it's not just me. I went ahead and put my original card back in, moved everything back to the phone so that no apps were installed to the SD card, then re-copied the data, put the new card in my phone, and moved all the apps to the new card. Worked great. Not sure WHY that was necessary, but I guess that's how it works!

    Doubt I'll be replacing this 16GB card so I shouldn't have to do this again. (By the time 32GB+ cards are more affordable, I'm sure I'll have a different phone.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwrigg View Post
    Try to format the new card in the EVO.
    Dang, just saw this now, after I'd already finished doing my move-to-phone-copy-data-move-to-new-card process. Oh well. Maybe it'll help someone in the future. And yeah, I'm keeping my 8GB card as-is as a backup, at least for awhile.


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