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    Question Charging LED or INDICATOR

    ] I have the Galaxy note SGH-i717, unlike my other android phones, this does NOT have an LED indicator showing you the charging status - when low & charging the light would show yellow, & when full would turn green - I know there are some apps out there such as NO LED (which did not help for charging indications) -- has anyone else having this problem found any solution
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    The only software I know of is no led. Make the suggestion to the dev
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    This is one of the things that make me want to upgrade to the Note II.
    A blinking light to let me know when charging is done or when I have a new message is great and very useful.
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    Led notification is the thing I miss the most from my BB. I totally agree with that being a reason I want a Note 2 or GS3
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    Installing a custom rom together with thor kernel and bln you can use the backlightbuttons next to your homebutton for notifications..

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    Does anyone know if this is also carrier specific? I've heard that the AT&T dont have indicator lights on some of the phone models that other carriers do have indicator lights on.

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