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    Default Re: Galaxy s2 cannot download updates or new apps

    Quote Originally Posted by WaiHing View Post
    Hi, For those having problem accessing *#9900# and it throws up invalid error, you probably run on custom rom.

    You will need to look for this directory /data/log and delete all the files. For my case, it freed up 1 gig of memory!

    You can do it via terminal in your apps (I'm running on Cyanongen):
    1. su
    2. cd /data/log
    3. rm *.log
    Can you please give some more detail on how to use this fix? I am on Cyanfox Nightlies and cannot access the SSID codes option to fix the problem.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S2 cannot download updates or new apps

    I'm really happy it works for you, but I'm getting very angry reading all these reports of how wonderful this method is, because when I try it, the SysDump menu DOESN'T HAVE any item "delete dumpstate/logcat".

    My phone says it has 180Mb of memory, and only 12Mb free. But it still won't accept a text message! Which is what, 1Kb or so? What is wrong with this system?

    Martin Murray
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