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View Poll Results: Which Photo Storage App Do You Use?

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  • Gallery

    7 87.50%
  • Photo

    1 12.50%
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    Default Gallery Vs. Photo

    Which do you prefer and why? Gallery is the one preloaded as the stock photo storage app within the camera but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the better photo storage/organization option.

    Just wondering which most of us use and what the reasoning is.
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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    Gallery definitely. Photos seems to work better with cloud storage photos only.

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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    I think that both have their definite advantages over the other. The Photos app is really simple to use and there is not much to it, therefore it is much more user friendly. The Gallery though is like the complete opposite. There are so many features available in the app, it's insane! Love that air view feature. I personally use both. I like the Gallery app to view photos I've recently taken or photos I've downloaded. I use Photos to view photos I've backed up to the cloud via Auto Backup.
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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    Gallery. I simply never took to using Photos.
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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    On my S4 I used to use Quikpic which is way better than the stock on the S4...on my S5 I use the stock gallery because they made it better

    If I was to choose another, I would choose Quikpic

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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    I like Photos. I think it has a few more editing features than Gallery.

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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    Stock gallery is awesome. No need for anything else

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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    I use both, however Photos has snapseed built in which kept me from installing the actual app and saves my edits in full resolution unlike the stock gallery app but I use the stock gallery app for quick edits or moving photos to the SD card, file management or using the studio to Make a quick collage
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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    I use Gallery but I'm a first time Android user (just switched from BB) and I just happen to choose it.

    Glad to see I may have picked the better one lol
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    Gallery. It's a mess but I like it. There is some method in the madness lol

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    Default Re: Gallery Vs. Photo

    I use Photo. I like the idea of Snapseed being integrated into the app.

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