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    Default Auto rotate

    My auto rotate id not working at all. I just noticed it recently. It is on according to my settings and my notification bar...What is the issue?
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    Default Re: Auto rotate

    Are you talking about the home screens, or elsewhere? The home screens don't rotate unless in the car dock (or using an app like Ultimate Rotation Control).
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    Default Re: Auto rotate

    I'm talking about apps like Facebook and YouTube
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    Default Re: Auto rotate

    Quote Originally Posted by samsunggreg View Post
    I'm talking about apps like Facebook and YouTube
    I don't know about Facebook rotating but YouTube does it naturally. Well at least on mine

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    Default Re: Auto rotate

    My YouTube doesn't naturally do it anymore. I got an app though that overrides it to rotate with auto rotate on
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    Default Re: Auto rotate

    Drop it. My phone wouldn't auto-rotate anymore a few weeks ago, I reflashed stock, calibrated the gyroscope, and a couple more "fixes" that didn't work. Then I read somewhere to drop it on its back from about 5-6" on a hard wood floor. Bingo, its auto-rotating.

    Drop it, don't throw it.

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