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    I want to send Email from my App and I have it working if I define the email address in my TinyDB as mailto:me@email.com. The problem is I want to allow the user to enter the email address.
    I have tried to use a "Join" to put (Mailto with (UserEmailAddress) but it always gives me an operation error. Is there a special character that needs to be added? I watched a Youtube video explaining how to do this including the Subject line and Body but it wasn't quite clear on a couple other variables on the screen. The line was mailto:?subject=Doc,%20do%20da%20dance.
    This has to be something simple that I am missing. I should be able to put "mailto:", email address, subject, and body into seperatte variables and then join them for the email activity.
    Appreciate any suggestions.
    03-30-2013 12:25 PM

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