Off to a great start...


Dec 7, 2023
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So I found this forum, created an account, and then went through the painstaking tedious chore of posting a "who am I post" followed by the reason I actually came here in another seperate post. Copied and pasted it, with some small additions, full disclosure. Now here I am, hours later, and neither of my posts are anywhere to be found. They are not reflected in my profile, searching yields no results, and I have no messages on here or in my email explaining to me why my posts were deleted. I cannot express to you how infuriating that is when every nerve in my body is on fire whenever I have to parade in any form of social interaction. And as such, I post this. Do with it what you will, I wont be
I included a screenshot of my browser history. My post was certainly there at some point. Do Fish Ever Get Thirsty.