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    I switched from a Nexus One to a Droid X - mainly because of the better network coverage over AT&T (and yes its light years better - for instance my phone works in my office now).

    One of the widgets I really miss from my Nexus One is the weather/news widget. Is there any way to install this?

    The weather widget that Motorola gives you kinda sucks - it doesn't update location automatically (not even an option to do so), and I kinda like the stock one with the news reader in the same widget. I miss the views it gives you over the Motorola one.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Overall btw I love the phone over the N1 - the touch screen for instance is light years better. I do miss 2.2 though.
    08-09-2010 10:51 AM
  2. moosc's Avatar
    Is this the one? Look at my pic. Top widget

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    08-09-2010 11:13 AM
  3. lucassmith9999's Avatar
    The nexus one news/weather app (genie app) has been ported and can be downloaded here...
    Genie Widget from Nexus One Dump - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
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    08-09-2010 11:13 AM
  4. moosc's Avatar
    Any idea I just found the transparent one after I dl and try to open I get the parsing error message. I've used astro to try but still nothing
    08-09-2010 11:38 AM
  5. bobniborg's Avatar
    There is a weather channel app that gives you widgets once you run it
    08-09-2010 05:55 PM
  6. Angelworks's Avatar
    Thought I replied to this earlier - thank you guys so much for the help!
    08-16-2010 11:04 AM