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    Do you know where your child, wife, husband, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend is right now?
    Where were they today, yesterday or a week ago? Which route did they take?
    Would you like to know whether your kids are at school or skipping class by getting text or email notifications?
    Install Phone, SMS Tracker Pro on a cell phone and track those you are responsible for on the Spy to mobile, track a cell phone, sms spy Web Page.

    You can
    - monitor the cell phone;
    - locate and track the mobile phone;
    - read SMS, WhatsApp messages, contact list, call history of the target phone.

    Install Calls, SMS and WhatsApp Spy from Spy2mobile App Download and it will be invisible for Google Play

    To start the App:

    1. Install the app on a target phone, which you would like to monitor.

    2. Put "Data_Backup" widget on the screen to start the Аpp. It will be invisible. If you have Android 2.* you can start the app by dialing "51" and then press the call-button.

    Start the app once and it will start every time you turn on the phone.

    The app is the best spy and energy saving app for Android, better than the competition (e.g. SpyBubble, Snoop, mSpy, Flexispy, StealthGenie, Mobile Spy, Spy Phone, Mobistealth, Mobile monitor) because the app works silent and does not drain battery.

    You may need to monitor a cell phone:

    1. to be involved in your kids life to know where they are and what they are doing;
    2. to care your elderly parents;
    3. to be more close with your boyfriend/ girlfriend (husband/ wife) even at a long distance;
    4. to control and locate your staff;
    5. to be able to find your phone yourself in case it was lost or stolen;
    6. And so on (retrieve SMS, intercept WhatsApp messages, look through a call history, contacts list etc.)

    Get more info at Spy to mobile, track a cell phone, sms spy


    06-05-2013 05:19 AM
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    it's not freeeeeeee
    08-08-2013 02:46 PM

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