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    Does anyone have side-by-side comparisons / experience of the two programs (SyncMate v Missing Sync) and which one appears to do a significantly better performance (read: Less Headaches / Good Solid Reliable Synchronizations)?

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Mac Book Pro running 10.7.5

    Loving the phone, love my Mac.

    In the past I have used Missing Sync (just NOT for Android) - horribly slow tech support, but after all was said and done I got *most* (but not all) of the bugs worked out. In early versions when I had a Palm Treo it would do really weird things like switch all my emails to be labeled as mobile phones, etc. Plenty of headaches back then. Even the latest version I used would make me sync one area at a time (e.g. sync contacts by itself, then sync calendars by itself, etc).

    Brand new to Android, but need a seamless (as possible) sync with the Mac.
    Just discovered the free version of SyncMate - so far it works well for the Contacts & Calendar, but I have no further experience with it.

    Now ready to upgrade to a more powerful program to sync photos, video, files, music, etc.
    SyncMate wants $40 for the full version, Missing Sync is offering a deal for $25.

    Google Fanatics - I am not going to use Google Calendars so please don't bother suggesting. I have a Mac for a very good reason and I need the data on the Mac to be preserved in Mac format, so I have no choice but to use one of the two programs in question.

    Thank you for all replies in advance.
    09-03-2013 01:40 PM

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