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    I fully realize that what I'm trying to do is not supported and so I won't be broken hearted if it doesn't end up working but I thought I'd ask the question here. I purchased Lego Star Wars Saga from the Amazon App Store on my Nexus 7. The game installed fine (runs great on the Nexus 7 BTW). I also wanted to install this on my LG G3, however, it is technically not supported for this device. Due to the G3's resolution, there are many apps that are unsupported, however, in the past, I've used EF FIle Explorer on my Nexus 7 to send these unsupported APK files to my LG G3. The unsupported apps have always run fine despite their unsupported status. I use this method because the Google Play/Amazon App stores would not give me the option to attempt the installation directly from the LG G3. Keep in mind, that I've purchased all my apps and do not pirate anything.

    Given my past experience with this, I expected to be able to at least attempt running the game on my G3, however, in this particular case, I am unable to install the app on my G3. I accept the permissions as I would with any sideloaded app and Android attempts the installation, however, after about 5 minutes I get the message "The application was not installed." I've loaded the Amazon App store onto my LG G3. I've tried clearing the cache and data and have reinstalled it a couple of times. Unsurprisingly, the game does not show up in my list of purchases in the Amazon App Store on my G3 since it is not supported on the device. It does, however, show up on the Amazon App Store on my Nexus 7. Is there anything else that I can try to get this game to install on the G3? This is a Tmobile G3, unrooted with the latest stock Kitkat ROM.

    01-07-2015 10:34 PM

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